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What are the functions of OBD cables for motorcycles

Motorcycle OBD cables have multiple functions, mainly including:

Fault diagnosis: By reading the vehicle's fault code, quickly locate the fault location and provide accurate fault information for maintenance personnel. For example, when the engine fault light comes on, connecting the OBD cable and reading the fault code can quickly determine whether it is a sensor fault or the engine itself problem.
Fuel level detection: Real time monitoring of the vehicle's fuel level, timely reminding when the fuel level is too low to ensure driving safety. At the same time, fuel consumption data can also be used to evaluate the vehicle's fuel consumption and help drivers optimize their driving habits.
Speed measurement: Read the vehicle speed signal through the OBD cable, provide real-time speed display for the driver, facilitate the driver to understand the speed situation, reasonably control the speed, and improve driving safety.
Other applications: In addition to the above functions, OBD cables can also achieve the reading and transmission of other vehicle parameters, such as mileage, engine speed, air pressure, etc. These data provide comprehensive vehicle operation information for drivers and maintenance personnel, which is helpful for vehicle maintenance and upkeep.